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Tulsa Home Builders of Greater Tulsa
Summer Time
McAlister's Deli Broken Arrow, OK
2015 Tulsa HBA Annual Golf Tournament
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Tulsa Home Builders of Greater Tulsa

We  had an awesome time last night at the monthly General membership meeting at Summit Club in downtown Tulsa. The food was excellent and we welcomed lots of new members. We are excited to have you. The view was amazing as the sun was setting and Arkansas river was finally full!
John Madden with Madden Homes got us pumped up about THE annual Tulsa Home and Garden show.
We also heard from Joe Robson from Forest Ridge in Broken Arrow, he is the first inductee into the Oklahoma Housing Hall of Fame.

Summer Time

With summer in full swing we have been very busy here at Extreme Clean. Between remodel cleanings, mowing, and landscaping. We know your  schedule can get crazy too.  So, if you find you just don't have time to fit in cleaning, mowing,  keeping your flower beds weed free, or  they  just need a little TLC.  Call us and we can take the heat off your day. Thank you to everyone who has sent referrals and is helping us grow our business.  

McAlister's Deli Broken Arrow, OK

We had the pleasure of refinishing the floors at McAlister's Deli in Broken Arrow, OK this past weekend. We stripped all of the old wax, scrubbed the floors and resealed them, turned out beautifully. Thank you to the Broken Arrow team at McAlister's, they are a great group to work with. The food there is pretty great also, one of our favorite places to eat, be sure to try the spud max with extra jalapeno.

Here's a picture of the finished floor.

2015 Tulsa HBA Annual Golf Tournament

2015 Annual Golf Tournament is May 1st. contact Jenni King at the Greater Tulsa Home Builder's Association 918-663-5820 or on the website http://www.tulsahba.com/about/staff-and-admin.html for registration. It will be held at Forest Ridge in Broken Arrow, OK link to their site: http://www.forestridge.com/ This event is sponsored by Metro Appliances and More, get out here and have some fun.

Spring Clean ups

Spring is here! Time to get your spring cleaning on. This means inside and out. Don't forget the yard and beds, we also do exterior clean ups, especially landscape. Add fresh mulch, cut back perennials that have overwintered, trim shrubs, low hanging branches etc. Give us a call if you could use a hand getting ready for summer so you can spend YOUR time doing what you love.

Have an awesome week, love you guys.

Quality Post Construction Cleaning Service

Your new construction or remodel project isn't quite complete. Just because the last piece of drywall was hung doesn't mean the walls are ready for paint and the rest of the decor is ready to move in. Yes, the construction crew has finished their job, but no, that new space is definitely not prepared for the next phase of your project: occupancy. Dirt, dust and debris has now gathered on every surface, hides in every cranny, and clutters the corners. It was inevitable, but no matter, Extreme Clean is a proven leader in post construction and remodel cleanup.

2015 Tulsa Home & Garden Show

Are you planning on attending the Tulsa Home and Garden Show this year? Extreme Clean’s owner, Jeremy, is Co-Chair for one of the volunteer committees through the Home Builder’s Association.

Jeremy helps setup the Landscape décor that is seen throughout the River Spirit Expo Center.  These are all of the plants and flowers that are setup to make the building more inviting to people.

Jeremy is also co-chair of  the information booths  which are located at the upper north ramp and lower south ramp in the building.
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